Hamed Sadeghi

I finished my B. Sc. in Control engineering at K.N Toosi University of Technology – Tehran in 2018 and started my M. Sc. program in the same major at K.N Toosi University of Technology – Tehran since September 2018 and I joined ARAS group since 2015.

Primary Skills

I’ve been interested in designing electronic boards and implement Control algorithms especially surgical robotics fields. In another direction, I’ve been interested in using artificial intelligence in surgical robotics fields.

  • Linux
  • Altium
  • ARM
  • AVR
  • Matlab
  • Python
  • AI(Reinforcement learning, deep learning)
My Current Work Process

I joined Surgical Robotics group in May 2018. currently, I am working as a researcher on Version 3 of ARASH-ASiST: ARAS Haptic System for EYE Surgery Training. My current research focuses on evaluate eye surgery with the robot’s kinematic data or Surgical room videos using artificial intelligence(AI) such as deep learning or reinforcement learning(RL).