Amin Khorasani

Amin Khorasani

I am a Researcher and Mechanical Design expert at ARAS


Forasmuch as designing a machine for a production line was one of my dreams as a teenager, I decided to turn it into the truth at Babol University of Technology as a Mechanical Engineering student. I have started my Bs.c in 2009 and, I have done my Bsc project under the supervision of Professor Daniali working on the optimization of mechanisms design. I have finished my BSc with 16.63 out of 20 cumulative GPA and ranked 3rd among 68 students in the mechanical engineering department.

I have started my MSc in the K. N. Toosi University of Technology in 2013. For a great chance in my academic life, I had an opportunity to pursue my thesis in ARAS Lab under the supervision of Professor Taghirad. My thesis was on the optimal design and implementation of a delta robot for rapid pick and place application. More detail of the delta robot is available there. Besides that, I have invented an eye surgery robot named Eagle-Eye for our assisted eye surgery robotics project. I have graduated in 2016 with 17.01 out of 20 cumulative GPA. My achievements in master studying has summarized in the design of KNTU Delta robot, winning the first prize of innovation ceremony at the ICRoM 2015 International Conference, a conference paper on optimization of the delta robot, an innovation on eye surgery mechanisms and winning the 3rd prize of the innovation ceremony at the ICRoM 2016.

After Graduation, I have the chance to continue my beloved research topics at ARAS. My current duty is design a haptic interface for the assisted eye surgery robotics project. The current condition of ongoing haptic device designing procedure is available here.