ARAS Current and Future Research: Developed Products and Algorithms

Abstract: ARAS Research group originated in 1997 and is proud of its 24+ years of brilliant background, and its contributions to the advancement of academic education and research in the field of dynamical system analysis and control in the robotics application. ARAS current research themes includes parallel and cable robotics, surgical robotics and autonomous robotics. Many products and algorithms are developed in these research group. In this presentation, an overview on these research topics is given, and the developed products and algorithms are briefly introduced.

اولین وبینار معرفی زمینه‌های پژوهشی و صنعتی آزمایشگاه‌های پژوهشی دانشکده مهندسی برق
آشنایی با تحقیقات پیشین و پیش‌رو در گروه رباتیک ارس

در صورت بروز هرگونه مشکل و یا سوال در مورد نحوه اتصال وبینار، با ایمیل زیر تماس حاصل نمایید

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