Arash Iranfar

I finished my BSc in Control engineering at the Amirkabir University of Technology – Tehran Polytechnic in 2016. I started my MSc program in the same major at the K.N Toosi University of Technology – Tehran in October 2016. People at ARAS SR group were working on a haptic training system for eye surgery (ARASH: ASiST) when I joined in. Together we finished implementing the system and successfully tested it on some artificial cases. In my thesis, I explained the implementation process of the electronic and software design of the haptic consoles. Furthermore, I proposed three cooperative control schemes to help with the training process. Further information about the project can be visited on Surgical Robotics group and ARASH: ASiST page.

I successfully defended my master’s thesis in March 2019.
Arash Iranfar MSc thesis defense session.
  • Programming: I’ve been interested in programming since high school and I’ve had some experience with C#, VB and Python but I mainly use C++ and Matlab to do my projects.
  • Embedded systems: I mostly prefer ARM-based micro controller boards like STM32 family or some more user friendly ones like Raspberry Pi family but I can use Atmega series as well when ever needed. DSPs and FPGAs are not really my field of expertise but I can make them work just fine with some practice! As for PLCs I worked with siemens s7 and LOGO series for a month or two but I’m not really a PLC guy!
  • Softwares: I work with Altium designer to design my PCBs. I also had some experience working with ADS, Hspice and Proteus to simulate some of my projects. I’m also familiar with Etap, Designmate and VMware.