Ashkan Rashvand

Ashkan Rashvand was born in 26 June 1997 in Qazvin. He graduated from Shahid Babaii NODET (National Organization for Developement of Exceptional Talent) high school. He finished his B.Sc. in controls engineering at Imam Khomeini International University in 2019 with 3.78/4 total GPA. He has always believed that the most important factors to a person’s success in a specific field are their motivation and interest in that field. Believing this idea helped him to be ranked one of the top student during his bachelor position. He started his M. Sc. program in the same major at K.N Toosi University of Technology under supervision of Prof. Taghirad . Now he is a member of ARAS group. His main research interests is robotics (Robots motion planning ,Robots-Assisted Therapy) and Artificial Life.