Development and implementation of vitrectomy surgery virtual reality simulator

Master Thesis Defense

Development and implementation of vitrectomy surgery virtual reality simulator

Vitrectomy is a kind of eye surgery that is used to treat diseases related to the retina. In this surgery, the doctors perform several steps to do the vitrectomy. In this thesis, we focus on simulating this step due to the importance of removing the vitreous tissue from the retina.
The aim of the thesis is to develop the ARASH: ASiST haptic robot vitrectomy training system to virtual reality. First, the software required for the development of the simulator is introduced. In this regard, SOFA software is used to simulate surgery and physical relations, and Unity software is also used for output and graphic rendering. Due to the importance of making vitreous tissue, artificial intelligence and Blender software are used to produce a suitable database.
Finally, the results of the implementation of simulator graphic scenes, which is close to the real surgery videos, are reported. In this way, by using the virtual reality simulator, novice surgeons can do the surgery several times under different conditions and increase their surgical skills. Also, the traditional process of education is improved in this step.

Access to the presentation: K. N. Toosi Uni. of Tech. EE F.

Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2022 (30 Shahrivar 1401)

Time: 16-18:00 (+4 GMT Tehran local time)

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