Digital Control

Course Name: Digital Control

Course No.: ECE_1115009

Professor: Prof. Hamid D. Taghirad

Taught Semesters: Fall (2008, 2003, 2000, 1998)

Tentative Course Timetable

The tentative course contents are as following:

Time:      Teaching Contents
Week 1 Introduction: Sampled-data control systems, sample and hold, sampling modeling, data reconstruction , Shannon theorem, aliasing.
Week 2 Digital system representation: Z-transform, difference equation, state transition matrix, system characteristics.
Week 3 Digital system representation: Discrete models from continuous models, D/A convertor models, ZOH models.
Week 4 Digital system characteristics: Controllability and observability, stability, Jury test.
Week 5  Digital implementation of analog controllers: Forward difference, backward difference, bilinear Tustin, Tustin with pre-warping.
Week 6 Implementation: Impulse invariance, step invariance, matched poles and zeros, anti-aliasing filters.
Week 7 Digital controller Design: Classical methods, digital PID’s, digital lead-lags, dead-beat controller.
Week 8 Midterm Exam
Week 9 Digital controller Design: State space methods, pole placement methods.
Week 10  Digital controller Design: Controller implementations,  tracking performance.
Week 11  Digital controller Design: Optimal state space controllers, LQR controllers.
Week 12  Digital Observers: State observers, pole placement methods, optimal observers.
Week 13  Digital Observers: Kalman filters, current estimates observers.
Week 14  LQR/LQG controllers: State observer-state feedback configuration, disturbance rejection, tracking performance.

Course Content



1 Digital control systems, Benjamin Kuo, Saunders College, TJ223.M53 K86 1991.
2 Computer-controlled systems, Astrom and Wittenmark,  Addison-Wesley,1998.
3 Discrete-time control systems, Ogata, Prentice Hall, QA402.04, 1987.