Robotics Course Videos

This course aims to introduce the fundamentals of mechanics and control of robotic manipulators. In this course, a conceptual and analytic approach is preferred rather than the usual iterative methods being followed in some textbooks. In order to accomplish that, motion description in space with the emphasis on screw-axis representation is given. Forward and Inverse kinematics of robotic manipulator is elaborated base on geometrical methods, Differential kinematics is followed through the definition of twist and wrench, and general Jacobian derivation methods including screw-based jacobians. Inverse problems, redundancy resolution, and stiffness analysis are explained in this context. For dynamic analysis, the Lagrange approach is followed, while the properties of dynamic matrices are explained in detail. For the sake of position control of the robots, linear models for the robots with gearbox is formulated, and identification methods are explained. then linear and nonlinear control schemes joint-space and task-pace will be introduced.