Course Name: Instrumentations

Course No.: ECE_1115061

Professor: Prof. Hamid D. Taghirad

Taught Semesters: Fall (2018, 2016, 2013, 2003)

Tentative Course Timetable

The tentative course contents are as following:

Time:      Teaching Contents
Week 1 Introduction: Application of Instrumentation systems, measurement error and accuracy, sensors for different measurements.
Week 2 Introduction: Sensors for different measurements.
Week 3 Conditioning circuits:  Active and passive conditioning circuits, for bias compensation, amplifier and gain, filters, …
Week 4 Force, torque and pressure:  Introduction to strain and stress, strain gauges, conditioning circuits.
Week 5 Force, torque and pressure: Different force and torque sensors. load cells, link and beam type load cells, ring type, torsion torque meters.
Week 6 Force, torque and pressure:  2 axis force-torque measurement, 3 and 6 axis force-torque measurement, pressure transducers, vacuum transducers.
Week 7 Position Measurements:  Definitions, Kinematics relations, potentiometers, resistive, capacitive, magnetic type transducers
Week 8 Position and Velocity:  Incremental encoders, quadrature counter, linear and angular velocity measurements, Seismic measurements.
Week 9 Midterm
Week 10 Temperature: Definitions and methods of measurements, resistive thermometers, RTD’s, Thermistors, Methods of Calibrations.
Week 11 Temperature  Thermocouples, thermoelectric properties, thermelectric materials, Thermocouple types.
Week 12 Temperature:  Thermocouple industrial types, Pyrometers, photonic thermometers, other industrial types of thermometers.
Week 13 Fluid Flow:  Definitions, laminar and turbulant  flow. velocity profiles in the pipes, Pitot tubes, calibration methods.
Week 14 Fluid Flow:  compressible flow measurements, hot wire and hot film anymometers, Rotameters,  flow meters in open channels.
Week 15 Fluid Flow:  Turbine flowmeters, Venturi, nozzle and orifice flow meters Sluice and Wier gates, capillary tubes, Laser-doppler anymometers.

Course Content




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