McGill Presentation 2017

Dr Taghirad is going to deliver a presentation in McGill university on Tuesday, Sep 19, 2017. The presentation will start at 11:00 AM and the main title is going to be ARAS Robotics Research : Parallel and Cable Robotics and Surgical Robotics .


 ARAS Robotics Research : Parallel and Cable Robotics and Surgical Robotics .

ARAS Research group established in 1997 and is proud of its 20+ years of brilliant contributions to the advancement of academic education and research in the field of robotics. We are currently conducting research in four different themes. Parallel and Cable Robotics, Surgical Robotics, Autonomous Robotics, and Dynamical Systems analysis and Control. In this talk the recent research outcomes of the first two research themes are presented. Research work on parallel and cable robotics includes optimal design and implementation of a Delta robot, a fully constrained planar cable robot, and a 3DOF suspended cable robot. The issues on deploy-able cable robotics, and their robust control schemes are presented in the first part of this presentation. Surgical robotics is the other research themes being discussed in this presentation. A patented spherical parallel robot is developed for robotic eye surgeries. Furthermore, A haptic system for eye surgery training is developed in this research group, by which cataract and vitrectomy surgeries are being the subject of training through this haptic system. The robust and adaptive control schemes being developed for this application will be elaborated in this presentation.

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