Mehdi Vakili


Mehdi Vakili

BSc. Student, Parrallel and Cable Robotics

Bio & About:

Mehdi Vakili was born in Tehran, Iran. He entered K. N. Toosi University of technology with top rank admission and he is in last year B. Sc. in Control engineering. He joined Advanced Robotics and Automated System (ARAS) Lab under supervision of Prof. Hamid D. Taghirad in Nov. 2021. His current project is the implementation of Smart Shelf, low cost intelligent gadget, consists of computer vision and real-time interactive tasks.
His major intrests are in embedded systems, microcontroller programming, AI, deeplearning, computer vision, robotics..



  • 2018-Present: BSc. Student in Control Engineering at K.N.Toosi University, Tehran, Iran.
  • 2012-2016: Highschool and pre-university at Hekmat Mizan, Tehran, Iran.


  • Being member of ARAS Robotics Lab. (Advanced Robotics and Automated System) since 2021 up to now, K. N. Toosi University.

Current Research Topics

  • Smart Shelf