NameTitleYearDegreeResearch Group
Mohammad Motaharifar

Control Structure Design and Implementation for Eye Surgery Training Dual Master Haptic System

2019Ph.D.Surgical Robotics
Seyed Ahmad Khalilpour

Robust Control and Stability Evaluation of a Suspended Cable Robot considering the cable Dynamics

2019Ph.D.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Alireza Norouzzadeh Ravari

Efficient representation of outdoor environment in mobile robotic simultaneous localization and mapping problem based on the information complexity

2016Ph.D.Autonomous Robotics
Azadeh Zarif Loloei

Workspace Optimization of Spatial Cable-Driven Redundant Parallel Manipulators

2014Ph.D.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Mohammad A.Khosravi

Modeling and Robust Control of Redundant Parallel Cable Robots Considering Longitudinal Flexibility in Cables

2013Ph.D.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Ala Shariati Dehaghan

H∞ Control of Input delay systems with Derivative Feedback

2012Ph.D.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Hooman Sadjadian

Kinematic Modeling, Dynamic Analysis and Position Control of a Redundant Hydraulic Shoulder Manipulator with Proper Force Distribution

2006Ph.D.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Sadjaad Ozgoli

Design and Implementation of Position Controller for Flexible Joint Robot Subject to Actuator Saturation

2005Ph.D.Flexible Robotics
Negar Hojati

Presentation and implementation of performance evaluation procedure ARAS Haptic System for eye Surgery Training (ARASH:ASiST)

2020M.Sc.Surgical Robotics
Amirhossein Safari

Torque Distribution Optimization in Two-wheel-drive Electric Motorcycle

Reza Heidari

Design and Implementation of Impedance Control on Dual-user System for Eye Surgery Training

2020M.Sc.Surgical Robotics
Rooholla Khorrambakht

Sensor Fusion For Calibration and Control of ARAS Suspended Cable-Driven Robot

2020M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Mohammad Amin Kashi

Predicting Depth from Semantic Segmentation using Game Engine Dataset

2020M.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Mohammad Isaac Hosseini

Design and implementation of a high speed ploter cable-driven robot and its control system

2020M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Amirhossein Samii

Design of Regenerative–Friction Braking System an Electric Motorcycle to Optimize Battery Life a Brake-to-Battery Charging

Mohammad Savadzadeh

Time Optimal and Online Trajectory planning for cable robot ARAS-CAM

2019M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Vahid Ajallooeian

Detection and tracking of moving cars in city roads using deep learning methods

2019M.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Arash Iranfar

Design and implementation of a cooprative adaptive control structure for ARAS haptic eye surgery training system.

2019M.Sc.Surgical Robotics
Alireza Bourbour

Implementation of suspended cable robot calibration and control

2018M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Mohammad Hossein Salehpour

Distributed control system design and implementation of multi-robotic dome monitoring system

2018M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Pouria Mehrabi

Probabilisitc Framework for Dynamic Object Recognition and Tracking in 3D Environment

2018M.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Faraz Lotfi

Design and implementation of robust SDRE filter on Charge estimation of Lithium-Ion battery

2017M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Ali Noormohammadi Asl

Mobile Robot Motion Planning for Search and Exploration Under Uncertainty

2017M.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Sara Abkhofteh

Design and Implementation of a Robust Adaptive Control Structure for Cooperative Teleoperation Systems with Dual Masters

2017M.Sc.Surgical Robotics
Omid Esrafilian

Simultaneous localization and mapping and autonomous flight of a quad rotor robot using a monocular camera

2017M.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Pedram Agand

Design Control Architecture based on Environment Impedance Properties in Teleoperation Systems: a Bayesian Approach

2017M.Sc.Surgical Robotics
Nahid Khajeh Ahmadi

Design and ‎Implementation‎ of a 2R-1T 3-DOF Haptic Device

2017M.Sc.Surgical Robotics
Fatemeh Akrami

BCI Control of a Robotic Arm Based on Pattern Recognition of Neuro-Motion Signals

2017M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Iman Safari

EEG Signal Identification Approach to Robotic Arm Control by Enhancement of Hand Position and Velocity Estimation

2017M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Abbas Bataleblu

Design and Implementation of a 2RT parallel robot for eye telesurgery

2017M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Soheil Gholami

Design and Implementation of a Robust Nonlinear Control Scheme in Teleoperation with Time Varying Delay in Eye Surgery Application

2016M.Sc.Surgical Robotics
Parisa Masnadi

Implementation of Image-based visual servoing of featureless objects by nonlinear control schemes

2016M.Sc.Visual Robotics
Amin Khorasani

Optimal Design and Implementation of Delta Parallel Robot for Rapid Pick and Place Application

2016M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Zahra Marvi

Implementation of ARES Parallel Spherical Robot for Eye Telesurgery and Applying Impedance Control on it

2016M.Sc.Surgical Robotics
Yaser Shahriari

Robust Optimization for Online simultaneous localization and 3D mapping on Quadrotor

2016M.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Kamran Taran

Implementation and Control of Agile Eye Robot

2016M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Ahmad Sharifi

Formulation and Optimal Trajectory Planning in Controllable Workspace of Cable Suspended Robots

2015M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Fatemeh Mahdavi

Analysis and design consensus controller in delayed multi-agent systems

2015M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Samim Khosravi

Extension and implementation of control methods to increase transparency in minimal invasive telesurgery systems

2015M.Sc.Surgical Robotics
Reza Baba ghasabha

Design and Implementation of Vision Based Robust Nonlinear Controller on KNTU CDRPM

2014M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Amir Molaei

Dynamic Modeling of Cables in Cable Robots

2014M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Leila Mehri

"Development of 3D Visual Odometry in mobile robots and its implementation on iSAM2 "

2014M.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Hamed Khajehvand

Conceptual Design and Robust Control of a Parallel Robot for High Speed Pick and Place Applications

2014M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Ebrahim Abedloo

Development of The Dynamics Identification Methods for Parallel Manipulators Using Gibbs-Appell Formulation, and Calibration of KNTU CDRPM

2014M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Mojgan Rostami

Region of convergence expansion for model predictive control of non-linear discrete time systems by linear matrix inequalities

2014M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Mir Alireza Athari

Online simultaneous localization and 3D mapping based on point cloud representation in mobile robots

2014M.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Maryam Salimifar

Improvement and implementation of Teleoperation control systems based on transparency

2014M.Sc.Surgical Robotics
Mahsa Parsapour

Development and Implementation of Visual Servoing System for Featureless Object based on Image Kernel and Nonlinear Control Schemes

2013M.Sc.Visual Robotics
Mohammad Ali Ansari

Proposing a method for consensus in high-order networked multi-agent systems with time-delayed communications

2013M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Arsalan Rahimabadi

Development of stability indices to determine the geometrical features of autonomous dynamical systems

2013M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Rana Talaei Shahir

Development of Optimization Methods in iSAM2 Algorithm and Its Implementation on a Mobile Robot

2013M.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Seyyed Ahmad Khalilpour

Multi Objective Optimal Design of Cable Robots Based on Kinematic Sensitivity and Controllable Workspace Indices

2013M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Saeid Shakib

Development of Sliding Mode Controllers for Underactuated Systems

2013M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Sadaf Fardad

Development of the Ordering and Elimination Method in iSAM2 Algorithm and Implementation on a Mobile Robot

2013M.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Abbas Ali Rasouli

Dynamic Modeling and Robust Control Design for Control Loop of a Flying Object

2013M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Leila Ghomi

تحلیل سینماتیکی، دینامیکی و کنترل ربات کابلی تصویربرداری فضایی

2012M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Hannaneh Soltani

Development and implementation of visual navigation for Melon mobile robot using stereo camera

2012M.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Leila Ghosi

Modeling and Control of a Cable Robot in Rehabilitation Application

2012M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Amir Mobarhani

Mobile Robot Task Planning using Semantic Map

2012M.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Bita Fallahi

Stability Analysis and development of telerobotics control schemes for flexible link manipulators

2011M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Nina Marhamati

Development of SLAM Algorithms for Large Scale Environments

2011M.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Farnaz Adib Yaghmaei

Developing Methods for SLAM in Dynamic Environment with Grid Based Map

2011M.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Mohammad Hossein Saadatzi

Workspace and Singularity Analysis of 5–DOF Symmetrical Parallel Robots with Linear Actuators

2011M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Seyed Ali Salamati

Modeling and identification of Nekka power plant steam turbine and development of its control system

2011M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Rashid Mokhtari

Improving Transparency of Teleportation Systems in the presence of flexibility in Slave Robot

2010M.Sc.Surgical Robotics
Kian Dorr

Design and Implementation of Electrical Capacitance Tomography (ECT) System

2010M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Omid Gerami

ِDesigning a robost controller for the telerobotic system in presence of variable time delay

2010M.Sc.Surgical Robotics
Mohammad Ali Mohammadkhani

مدل سازی و کنترل ربات شش درجه آزادی هیبرید

2010M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Mehdi Ataollahi

Adaptive Robust Controller Design for Nonminimum Phase Systems: Applied to a Dual Stage Hard Disk Drive

2010M.Sc.Flexible Robotics
Fatemeh Bakhshandeh

Development and implementation of visual servoing methods for unmarked objects

2010M.Sc.Visual Robotics
Mohammad Mahdi Share Pasand

Extension of Robust Internal Model Control to Linear singular systems

2010M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Reza Oftadeh

Accurate Pose Estimation of KNTU CDRPM Moving Platform, from position and force sensing on Cables

2010M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Aida Farahani

پياده‌سازی روش هدايت بصری بر روی بازوی رباتیک میتسوبیشی با استفاده از روش‌های تخمين و دسته‌بندی همزمان اشياء

2009M.Sc.Visual Robotics
Ehsan Mihankhah

Adding Autonomous Behavior to Resquake Robots

2009M.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Mohammad M. Aref

طراحی و تحلیل سینماتیکی و دینامیکی روبات موازی کابلی افزونه دانشگاه صنعتی خواجه نصیرالدین طوسی

2009M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Noushin Poursafar

Robust model predictive control of uncertain systems with unstructured uncertainty using LMI

2009M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Hadi Haji eghrari

Dynamic Adaptive Robust Control of a Dual-Stage HDD Servo System

2009M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Alaleh Vafaei

Dynamic Modeling and Control of KNTU CDRPM Considering the Elastic Cables

2009M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Ehsan Aboosaeidan

کنترل موقعیت دهی مرکز جرم با استفاده از سیال برای افزایش قابلیت مانور ربات امدادگر ResQuake‎

2009M.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Amirhossein Tamjidi

Developing Methods for Performance Improvement of EKF in SLAM problem and proposing an Algorithm for Single Source SLAM

2009M.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Sedigheh Dehghani

Controller and Predictive Filter Design In Human Arm Motion

2009M.Sc.Cybernetic Robotics
Hossein Beikzadeh

Stability and Performance Analysis and Robust Synthesis of the Nonlinear SDRE Observer

2009M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
AliAkbar Aghamohammadi

Design and Implementation of SLAM Methods using the Information of a Range Finder and a Monocular Camera

2008M.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Yousef B. Bedoustani

مدلسازی، حل مساله افزونگی وکنترل بازوی رباتیک موازی کابلی

2008M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Pooneh Gholami

Control & Redundancy Resolution of the Cable Driven Parallel Manipulator

2008M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Shirin Dadashi

Experimental Identification and H∞ Control of 2-link Flexible Joint Robot

2007M.Sc.Flexible Robotics
Akram Bayat

Wavelet Based Algorithms for Tracking Moving Object By Mobile Robot

2006M.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Peyman Sheykholeslami

Adaptive-Robust Control for Dual-Stage Hard Disks

2005M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Mahdi Noori

Generalized Predictive Control for Nonlinear Systems Combined with Feedback Linearization and Linear Uncertainty Compensator

2005M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Amir haddadi

Designing Guidance and Control Methods for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

2005M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Mohammad Reza Sabaghian

Multivariable Identification & Control of the Servo-Hydraulic Robot Shoulder

2005M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Siavash Fakhimi Derakhshan

Identification and Robust Controller design for the Servo-Hydraulic Robot Shoulder

2005M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Habib Rahimi

Nonlinear Quantitative Feedback Theory Controller Design for Flexible Joint Robot

2004M.Sc.Flexible Robotics
Saeed Barghandan

Identification of the Global Control Logic of the Nekka Power Plant and the Design of a Multivariable Controller for its Boiler

2004M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Saeed Mahyad

Control of Human Simulated Arm by Use of EMG Signals

2004M.Sc.Cybernetic Robotics
Azad Ghaffari

End-point Control of a Flexible-link By Using a Sliding Mode Controller

2004M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Mehdi shaterian

Nonlinear H ∞ Controller Synthesis For Flexible Joint Robots

2004M.Sc.Flexible Robotics
Soleiman Gholampour

Position and Force Control for Hydraulic Parallel Robot

2003M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Ehsan Jamei

Adaptive Robust Control for Hard Disk Servo Systems

2003M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Ala Shariati

Robust H∞ Control Of Active Suspension

2003M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Gholamreza Bakhshi

Composite Robust Control Design in Flexible Joint Robots

2002M.Sc.Flexible Robotics
vahid Saeidi

Solar Field Modeling and Temperature Control of Yazd ISCC Power Plant

2002M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Ahmad Goodarzian

طراحی مسیر پروازی یک موشک ضد کشتی در کانال سمت و تعیین زمان مناسب روشن شدن رادار

2002M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Mohammad Reza Eskandari

مدلسازی و شناسایی خطای نشتی در هیتر نیروگاه‌های بخاری

2002M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Ehsan Noohi

Sensorless Vector Control of PMS Motors

2001M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Ramin Vali

Design and Implementation of an Embedded Microcontroller Based Card for Control of Nonlinear Systems

2001M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Hassan M. Abdar

The Modeling and Identification of an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

2001M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Iman Roshanfar

GPS & INS Simulation and GPS/INS Integration

2001M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Mehdi Khalkhali

Impedance Control of Flight Simulator Yoke

2000M.Sc.Flexible Robotics
Mohammad Azam Khosravi

Modeling and Robust Control of Flexible Joint Robots

2000M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Shaham Afshar

Identification and Position Control of a SCARA Robot

2000M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Mahdi Tavakoli Afshari

Design, Identification and Control of the Rotational/Translational Actuator

1999M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Reza Ghabcheloo

Design, Control and Implementation of ElectroMagnetic Suspension (EMS) System

1999M.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Mohammad Mehdi Nazeri Ardakani

Victor's robotic arm simulation and torque control design and implementation on it

Behzad Mackizadeh

Integratation of SLAM with IMU Data and its Implementation on Victor Mobile Robot

Hossein Sheykhani Darani

Path planning design and implementation on a quadrotor in an uncertain environment

2019B.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Hamed Sadeghi

طراحي و پياده سازي سخت افزار كنترلي ربات راهبر در سامانه هپتيك آموزش جراحي

2018B.Sc.Surgical Robotics
Hossein Sheikhi

Motion planning with constraint on motion model uncertainty for a quadrotor, its simulation and real implementation

2018B.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Mohammad Amin Kashi

Design and Implementation of an LTR Controller and Proper Motion Planner in a Small Size Soccer Robot

2017B.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Mohammad Savadzadeh, Amirhossein Safari

Design and Implementation of ARAS 2RT Haptic Device Controller Hardware

2017B.Sc.Surgical Robotics
Mina Mobahi, Sara Biglari

Design and Implementation of State Observerfor SSL Robot and Ball

2015B.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Fatemeh Akrami, Sara Adeli

ساخت سامانه متحرک لنزهای پروژکتور LED با استفاده از آلیاژ حافظه‌دار

Pedram Agand, Ali Aalipour

Minimally Invasion Eye Surgery Paralogram Robot Designed for Vitrectomy Surgery

2014B.Sc.Surgical Robotics
Omid Esrafilian, Mohammad Farahi, Mohammad Amin Mahmoudzadeh

Design and implementation of Quadrotor and autonomous mobile target tracking based on image processing

2014B.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Alireza Tajfar, Pouyan Eslami

Design and Fabrication of VTOL UAV (Quadrotor)

2013B.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Narges Hosseinzadeh

پیاده‌سازی روش تحلیلی-بازگشتی افزونگی بر روی ربات کابلی نصیر

2013B.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Zahra Marvi

ساخت سامانه متحرک لنزهای پروژکتور LED با استفاده از آلیاژ حافظه‌دار

2013B.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Fereshteh Sabahi

Implementation of Analytic Iterative Redundancy Resolution Scheme in K. N. Toosi University of technology Cable Driven robot Manipulator

2013B.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Hesam Shoori

Position and Force Control of Cable Driven Redundant Parallel Manipulator(KNTU CDRPM) Including Instrument Object Analysis

2012B.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Samim Khosravi, Kamran Taran

پیاده‌سازی و کنترل از دور ربات واقعیت مجازی انعطاف پذیر

Keyvan Mohammadi, Milad Aal Kajbaf

شناسایی و کنترل محرک شیشه خودرو در کاربرد ساب‌ووفر

2012B.Sc.Industrial Robotics
Afshin Dini, Mehdi Siavash

طراحی سخت‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌افزاری و تدوین نرم‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌افزار سامانه BMS در یک بیمارستان نوعی

Ali Amiri

طراحی و ساخت دستگاه تست همزمان مکانیکی و الکتریکی عایق های فشار قوی

Sahar Sedaghati, Homa Ammari

مقاوم سازی روش ردیابی ديداری مبتنی بر هسته تصویر

2012B.Sc.Visual Robotics
Mahboubeh Malekdoost
, Zeinab Khorasani

مدل سازی حرکت دینامیکی مار-ربات با الهام از حرکت‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌های طبیعی آن

2012B.Sc.Cybernetic Robotics
Bahareh Sabouri, Maryam Moafi

پیاده‌‌‌‌سازی ربات واقعیت مجازی و اعمال سیستم کنترل از دور توسط دستگاه هپتیک

2011B.Sc.Surgical Robotics
Sheyda Eslami

شبیه‌سازی محیط ردیابی هدف یک ربات سیار با روش میدان پتانسیل

2011B.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Soheil Kianzad

طراحي وساخت سيستم مايکرو محرک ديجيتال با استفاده از آلياژ حافظه دار

Kasra Khosoussi

توسعه وپياده سازی الگوريتم حل مسئله مکان يابی و توليد نقشه همزمان برای ربات های بسيار

2011B.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Amir Mobarhani

بررسی و پياده سازی روشی جهت هدايت ربات پايه متحرک خود مختار در محيط ساختار يافته و توليد نقشه محيط به طور همزمان

2010B.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Farzaneh sedaghat, Mehrnaz Salehian

طراحی و پياده سازی سيستم هدايت بصری بر روی يک ربات صنعتی برای اجسام بدون نشانه تصويری

2010B.Sc.Visual Robotics
Mobin saeidi, Hirad Tehranchian

پیاده سازی سخت افزاری و نرم افزاری سیستم حلقه بسته نیرو – موقعیت ربات موازی کابلی

2009B.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Farbod Farshidian

طراحی و پیاده سازی سیستم کنترل از راه دور ربات دو درجه آزادی با بازوی کشسان

2009B.Sc.Surgical Robotics
Mohammad Reza Sadeghi, Soheil Rayatdoost

مقاوم سازی روش ردیابی بصری و پیاده سازی آن بر روی ربات میتسوبیشی پنج محوره

2009B.Sc.Visual Robotics
Ebrahim Amini, Yaser Mohseni

تحليل و طراحي دستگاه جمع آوري دادههاي ژئوفيزيكي Remote Acquisition Module

2008B.Sc.Industrial Robotics
Mahya Shahbazi, Seyed Farrokh Atashzar

طراحی و پیاده سازی سیستم ردیاب بصری برروی یک ربات صنعتی میتسوبیشی

2008B.Sc.Visual Robotics
Shayesteh kiaei, Shaghayegh Nazari

طراحي و ساخت ربات پایه متحرک Melon و پیاده سازی روش تعقیب مسیر بر روی آن

2008B.Sc.Autonomous Robotics
Bita Fallahi, Nina Marhamati

کنترل موقعیت موتور AC توسط نرمافزار RT-LAB

2007B.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Alaleh Vafaei, Masoomeh Azadegan

پياده‌سازی روش تشخيص خطا بر روی سيستم آزمايشگاهی کنترل سطح

2007B.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Leila Hamidi

مطالعه و شبيه سازی تاثير صفر در سيستم های SISO‎ خطی

2007B.Sc.Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Sasan Barisi

مدل سازی، شبیه سازی و کنترل بازوهای مکانیکی در محیط گرافیکی

2006B.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Hoda Akbari, Golnoosh Hosseini

طراحی و ساخت کارت انتقال سيگنالهای الکترو مايو گرام به کامپيوتر و پردازش و دسته بندی آن توسط شبکه عصبی

2006B.Sc.Cybernetic Robotics
Asghar Ataollahi, AliReza Moradian Lotfi

طراحی و پياده سازی يک بازوی روباتيک دو درجه آزادی با مفاصل انعطاف پذير

2005B.Sc.Flexible Robotics
Mohammad Hayati, Meysam Javaheripour

طراحی كارت واسط برای روبات شانه هيدروليكی

2005B.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Ehsan Peymani

مدلسازی فيزيکی سيستم کنترل فشار و پياده‌سازی کنترل‌کننده مود لغزشی

Soodeh Behnam , peyman sheikholeslami

بررسی کارشناسانه سخت افزار و نرم افزار PLC‎ هاي S7-300/900‎ زيمنس

2003B.Sc.Industrial Robotics
Sara Khayamim, Sepideh Samavatian

بررسی روش های تشخيص خوردگی در خطوط لوله نفت و گاز توسط توپک هوشمند

Reyhaneh Razeghi, Mona Safdari

طراحی و پياده سازی نرم افزار مشابه ساز گرافيکی حرکت های ديناميکی روبات های صفحه ای

Mohammad Ali Ahmadi Pajooh, Masoud Sargazi

طراحی تطبيقی سخت افزار و نرم افزار کارت کنترل موقعيت / نيرو روبات شانه هيدرو ليکی

2003B.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Sommaye Sanaei, Mehdi Khalaji, Mehdi yousefi

بررسی کارشناسی PLC‎ زيمنس و نرم افزار Step 5‎ و آناليز دستگاه اتوماتيک ريخته گری D&A201‎

2002B.Sc.Industrial Robotics
Sadegh Mottaghian

تعيين موقعيت و نقشه دو بعدي محيط يک ربات متحرک با استفاده از اطلاعات سونار

2002B.Sc.Industrial Robotics
Mojgan Hamidi, Sahar laghaei

شناسايی الکترونيکی و کنترلی شاخه رباتيک افزونه و راه اندازی و کنترل حلقه بسته آن

2002B.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics
Javad Karami, Arash Roohi,

طراحی و ساخت اجزای الکترونيک و نرم افزار سيستم صنعتی

2002B.Sc.Industrial Robotics
Hanieh Esmaeilloo

شناسایی و طراحی کنترل کننده برا ی ربات دو محوره

2001B.Sc.Industrial Robotics
Mohammad Laali, Morteza Esmaeili

طراحی و پياده سازی نرم افزار کنترلی سيستم اتوماتيک تضمين کيفيت گژن پين

2001B.Sc.Industrial Robotics
Abdolvahed Lalaei

طراحی و ساخت سيستم های حرکتی روبات ارس II‎ با استفاده از موتورهاي بدون جاروبک DC‎

Hamed Damirchi

Multi-Level Data-Driven Sensor Modality Fusion implemented on the ARAS Cable Driven Robot End Effector

2021M.Sc.Parallel and Cable Robotics