Queens Presentation 2017

Dr Taghirad is going to deliver a presentation in Queens university on Monday, Sep 25, 2017. The presentation will start at 15:00 and the main title is going to be Surgical Robotics: A Haptic System for Eye Surgery Training.


One of the main research themes at ARAS is surgical robotics. Our surgical robotics research group aims at developing new robotics-based technologies for robot-assisted surgery and surgery training applications. This includes design and implementation of mechanical and electrical components as well as development of innovative control structures for these systems. In this talk a brief overview on the control structure development with the aim of improvement of transparency, and furthermore, stability analysis for bilateral teleoperation systems will be introduced first. Then development of a robotic-assisted eye surgery system based on bilateral teleoperation systems is explained. The current project of the group  on Haptic System for Eye Surgery Training  is the focus of this talk. The  mechanical design of this systems, and its novel control structure will be elaborated in this presentation. Our collaboration with the professors, and surgeons in Farabi Eye Hospital, the Center of Excellence in Ophthalmology, and Bio-robotics Research Laboratory at Queen’s University is a valuable and constructive asset for this project. This project has been funded by Iranian National Institute for Medical Research Development and Iranian Research Network in Ophthalmology.

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