ARASH:ASiST surgical robot in Unity

Online simulation of ARASH:ASiSTsurgical robot in Unity has been implemented in order to bring data of the surgeon’s needle movements to the mixed reality system in realtime mode, specialized for vitrectomy surgery

Geomagic haptic in Sofa framework

Online simulation of Geomagic haptic device in Sofa framework is added to cover cataract surgery’s workspace.

Application of online data by a Geomagic haptic robot on a simulated object in Sofa framework

Vitrectomy surgery in Sofa framework

Different parts of vitrectomy surgery are initially accomplished in Sofa framework concerning the essential physical accuracy of vitrectomy surgery simulation. The stages consist of, tissue suction by tool , grab and pull the vitreous tissue out of the eye, Rupture and destruction of tissue by surgical instruments

Simulation of eye tissue suction by surgical instrument