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Academic Research

For more than 20 years, many research topics has been conducted in different research themes at ARAS. Our today success is mainly due to the dedicated student and alumni members spent their research time in these themes. Furthermore, our national and international collaborators, research and workshop facilities, and state-of -the-art research topics are among the main reasons of ARAS brilliant success in the middle east.

Have You Heard About Our Webinars?

ARAS is dedicated to promote knowledge to a broad and interested audience. For this reason, we’ve started publishing different educational materials both in Persian and English.  A monthly public webinar is organized, in which, the research findings of different research teams will be presented with a general overview, to be useful for the public.  We’ve also collecting a series of video seminars & lectures from our alumni focused on advanced topics.  Furthermore, you may want to join our online academy to participate in joint studies. 


Video Lectures

ARAS Academy

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ARAS is dedicated to mentor and host creative people. We seek enthusiasm and devotion to get projects done! Find out more about our research teams and apply to join us.