Recent Ph.D. Theses

NameTitleYearResearch Group
Mohammad Motaharifar

Control Structure Design and Implementation for Eye Surgery Training Dual Master Haptic System

2019Surgical Robotics
Seyed Ahmad Khalilpour

Robust Control and Stability Evaluation of a Suspended Cable Robot considering the cable Dynamics

2019Parallel and Cable Robotics
Alireza Norouzzadeh Ravari

Efficient representation of outdoor environment in mobile robotic simultaneous localization and mapping problem based on the information complexity

2016Autonomous Robotics
Azadeh Zarif Loloei

Workspace Optimization of Spatial Cable-Driven Redundant Parallel Manipulators

2014Parallel and Cable Robotics
Mohammad A.Khosravi

Modeling and Robust Control of Redundant Parallel Cable Robots Considering Longitudinal Flexibility in Cables

2013Parallel and Cable Robotics
Ala Shariati Dehaghan

H∞ Control of Input delay systems with Derivative Feedback

2012Dynamical Systems Analysis and Control
Hooman Sadjadian

Kinematic Modeling, Dynamic Analysis and Position Control of a Redundant Hydraulic Shoulder Manipulator with Proper Force Distribution

2006Parallel and Cable Robotics
Sadjaad Ozgoli

Design and Implementation of Position Controller for Flexible Joint Robot Subject to Actuator Saturation

2005Flexible Robotics