ARAS Scientific Talks

ARAS tends to give talks in different gatherings whether be conferences, workshops, seminar etc. Details of these talks are listed here for audience to be able to recover the material if necessary. 

Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous and Surgical Robotics (ICCIA Keynote Speech)

Artificial intelligence has found its permanent role among cutting-edge researches in various applications. As a major part of each autonomous robot, a camera plays a significant role to extract rich information on the surrounding environment. Object detection and tracking is a necessary task for the autonomous robot to maneuver suitably in unstructured environment. In the first part of this presentation, the development, implementation, and optimization of deep learning approaches especially for object detection and tracking are addressed. The focus of talk is on the applications on autonomous robots and vehicles, while some of the related accomplished industrial projects are introduced. Application of Artificial intelligence is not limited to industrial applications. Surgical robotics is another hot research topic, which is boosted by AI in different areas of applications. Among them, we focus on intraocular surgery in this presentation. Since the human eye is a highly delicate organ with minuscule anatomic structures, the ocular surgeries are needed to be performed under extra precision and high manipulation capabilities. This fact underlines the importance of assistive technologies in eye surgical procedures. In this presentation recent breakthroughs along with new areas in which haptic systems and assistive technologies might provide a viable solution to overcome current challenges are reviewed, some of our products in robotic surgery, and haptic assisted eye surgery trainings will be reviewed in this presentation.

Date & Time: Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021 (6 Esfand 1399) | 11:30-13:00 (+3:30 GMT Tehran local time)

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