Power Plant Control Logic, D&A 410

This project is done based on a contract with Tavanir Co. Tehran, Iran. In this project the overall control logic of two power plants are studied in detail. The objective of this study is to compare the control logic of a newly designed power plant (Shazand) to a relatively older design (Nekka). In this project a extensive simulator for Nekka power plant is designed and identified, and some modern control techniques to revamp the control logic of this power plant is developed.

In this project a comparative analysis has been don on two generations power plants in Iran, namely Nekka and Shazand.
Nekka power plant have a once-through boiler, and its general power generation block diagram is shown in the figure. From the monitored input-output signals a thorough identification for the whole components of the power plant is done, and a complete simulator for the system is generated. This simulator can be used for further development of modern control scheme on the system. The power plant main compartments are:

.Four preheaters and their supply tank
· Two high pressure heaters
·Water supply and pump