Robotic Contest Teams


The undergraduate students of K. N. Toosi University of Technology work under the banner of KN2C. this team was founded in 2005 and started with a UGV real rescue team with the goal of easing dangerous tasks and automating rescue and some military operations with hope of improving efficiency and reducing human error and limiting causalities. now more than 30 undergraduate KNTU students are operating in this team in 4 themes of UGV, MAV, SSL and 2D soccer simulation.

Main goal of this research laboratory is to be a place for students where they can combine their theoretical knowledge with practical applications, an environment that KNTU has provided for it’s engineers to get to know their majors in real life experiences.

Research Themes


Real Rescue and Deminer


Indoor and Outdoor Quadcopters


Small Sized Soccer


2D soccer simulation



Automation is playing a big role in our world.
We automate tasks due to many reasons: saving time, improving efficiency, simplifying complicated tasks, improving safety in hazardous operations and etc.
KN2C helps improving this automation in many ways such as demining or rescue missions by detecting the hazards and overcoming obstacles in the process.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Collaboration between robots is a necessity for overcoming more difficult and complicated tasks; our 2D Soccer Simulation and Small Size leagues are an example of this collaboration.

Slam and Mapping

Scanning, saving the map and automatic/semi-automatic navigation through unknown and possible dangerous environments are needed for many rescue, mapping or military missions.

Latest Achievements


Each year, the international robotic competition of IranOpen is held with the participation of robotic teams from different universities around the world.
IranOpen is a place for teams willing to take part in RoboCup World Competitions in order to show their qualities and standards. It is also a place for fresh teams to gain experience and become ready to join the world class teams.
KN2C has achieved a 3rd place in Real Rescue and two 1st places in Quadcopter league at IranOpen in the past 3 years.


International micro air vehicles conference and competition (IMAV) is held each year and competitors come to test themselves in an indoor and outdoor quadcopter competition.
KN2C MAV team has been outperforming the peers in the last few years in many national competitions such as RoboCup Iran Open; while introducing itself as the most powerful research team in this field in Iran, KN2C attended the IMAVs for the first time and won first place at the IMAV 2016 Indoor competition.
It is notable that KN2C is the first Iranian team winning first place at this competition.


Every year, an International Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (ICRoM) is held by Robotic Society of Iran (RSI) with the goal of inspiring and encouraging industrialists and researchers in fields of robotics and mechatronics with hope of helping the progress of robotics in science and industry.
Robotic team of KN2C managed to achieve the 2nd rank in this exhibition in 2016 by demonstrating their rescue robot, XerXes.