Parallel Robots: Mechanics & Control

Tentative Course Timetable

Time: Teaching Contents
Week 1 Introduction: Robotics at a glance, kinematic chains, Grubler criterion, loop mobility criterion, robot classifications,
Week 2 Introduction: Description of position and orientation, screw-axis representation, Euler angle representations.
Week 3 Kinematics: Kinematics analysis of parallel manipulators, vector loop equations, 3RRR manipulator.
Week 4 Kinematics: Kinematics analysis of spatial orientation manipulator and Stewart Gough manipulator.
Week 5 Jacobian:  Angular and linear velocity, Jacobian matrices, Singularity conditions, conventional Jacobians, 3RRR manipulator, spatial orientation manipulator and Stewart Gough manipulator, Screw-based Jacobians.
Week 6 Stiffness: Force-moment relations, principle of virtual work, 3RRR manipulator, stiffness analysis of parallel manipulators, stiffness analysis of Stewart-Gough platform.
Week 7 Midterm Exam
Week 8 Dynamics: Dynamics analysis of parallel manipulators, Newton-Euler formulation, dynamic analysis of Stewart-Gough platform.
Week 9 Dynamics:  dynamics analysis of parallel manipulators, Principle of virtual work,
Week 10 Dynamics:  Lagrange formulation, dynamic analysis of CKCM Robot, properties of manipulator dynamics.
Week 11 Control: Introduction to control of parallel manipulators, position control topologies, Nonlinear Control Background.
Week 12 Control: Position control: inverse dynamics control.
Week 13 Control: Robust inverse dynamics control, Force control topologies stiffness control.
Week 14 Control: Force control topologies: Direct force control, impedance control.
Week 15 Hybrid Control:  Force-position control, matrix inclusion method, hybrid force-motion control topology

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