hossein sheikhi

” Paths are made by walking “

I am a roboticist interested in autonomous robotic especially motion planning, SLAM, machine vision and artificial intelligence with applications to the autonomous UAVs and UGVs.
I started exploring in robotic by joining to the kn2c robotic team since 2015. I started my work in Rescue team and  learned some about OpenCV, ROS and Qt and implementing machine vision algorithms such as victim and marker detection. then we implement Hector SLAM, Frontier exploration  by using ROS packages and finally we awarded the third place in AUTCUP 2015 and best in class autonomy.
After that, I joined to our UAV team. Our goal was to win IMAV 2016 competition by developing a miniature robot which can fly autonomously in an indoor environment.to rich this purpose, the software team had to implement some exploration, 3Dmapping, and object detection algorithms.At last, we had a quadrotor, that could autonomously explore an indoor environment in a 2D plan and show an online map of the environment. finally, we won.
Currently, I am a robotic researcher at ARAS. I am working within the field of Motion Planning Under Uncertainty(Belief Space Planning) and I am learning about this. My goal is to simulate and implement “sampling-based feedback motion planning under motion and sensing uncertainty” on gazebo and Parrot Bebop2 drone.